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Tips to make your move effective!

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  • Consider creating a path down one side or through the center of your unit so that you can see and access all your items.
  • Use adjustable shelving for easy and efficient access to boxes.
  • Leave a step stool in the unit so that you can always reach items on the top shelf.
  • Hang bikes or garment bags from the ceiling.
  • Store chesterfields and mattresses on end – boxes piled on top of them would damage their springs.
  • Clothes and fabrics should be cleaned before being stored and can be stored in drawers and wardrobes. But don’t cram them in – a little air circulation is a good thing.
  • If storing quality wood items for a long time, consider waxing or using a wood treatment before storing, then cover with a thick blanket so you can store other items on top without risk of scratching.
  • Label all boxes on the sides and top so that you can see the list of contents no matter how you place your boxes in the unit
  • Keep a thick marker on a string in your unit, when you change the contents of a box, change the label.
  • Remove oil and gasoline from all small engine equipment before it is stored (including lawn mowers, chainsaws, etc.)
  • Use the space under tables and inside appliances and cabinets.
  • Need more tips, ask our expert staff. 

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