Facility and Unit Sizes

 For residential and commercial use

 AllKinds of STORAGE is a multi occupied facility.

 We offer household, business, Covered RV-Boat, and open parking storage. 

Whether it is for furniture, boxes, personal items, sporting equipment, business supplies and documents we have the space. 90% of our units are 9’6 feet high and eight feet wide! That means you will likely need less space than you think … let us assist you in calculating the exact size you require so you only pay for space you actually need.

Our units are built only from Cor-ten steel and covered with Hempel marine paint coatings for long lasting durability.  They are wind proof, water tight, fire resistant, and rodent proof. They provide clean, easy access, and safe temporary storage for your storage needs. Easy opening factory double container doors with a lockbox to house your padlock for added security.

Unit Sizes

5×10 These units are about the size of a walk-in closet. They’re ideal for storing smaller items or a bedroom set.  This is the unit you should choose if everything you’re storing will fit in the back of a pick-up truck.

7×7 This size is great for boxes, small furniture items, tires, ATV’s, bikes, tools, office supplies etc.

8×9 This size can store up to a two bedroom house or apartment, or a two room office

10×10 These units are about the size of a small bedroom. You can probably fit all of the furniture from a small apartment in this unit. They’re also used to store ATVs, snow blowers and lawnmowers. Multiple pick-up truck loads or a 16′ foot cube van is what you’ll need to move the entire contents of a unit this size.

10×15 Store belongings you may have in a one-bedroom apartment, not including large appliances. 

10×20 These units are the size of a garage. They’re used when storing the equivalent of the furniture from a house or seasonal vehicles such as cars or boats.

8×20 This size can store a four bedroom home

RV and Boat Storage

Don’t let your investment fade away. Store it inside! Saves awning, tires, caulking, upholstery, weather stripping. Protect against rust and mildew. Storing your boat or RV inside will increase your resale value and keep it looking like new.

When you need to store your RV or boat anyway, why not store it inside? We can store just about anything and protect your investment from sun, rain, hail etc. with only the front side open. Our storage stalls are 12′ wide x 40′ deep by 14′ high. Just recently we added another size 12′ wide x 30′ deep by 14′ high.

Easy and convenient to access your RV seven days a week.     

Open Parking

Outside Parking open space that allows any type of automobile to be parked securely


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